cmm relocate

CMM Relocations, Breakdown, Retrofitting, Re-piping

Moving a co-ordinate measuring machine CMM is a job that shouldn’t be rushed and has the potential to go wrong.

This is why we always ask our customers to contact us so they are assured that their machine is protected and free from risk of damage during the relocation.
A poorly executed relocation can incur a number of costs, from machine downtime resulting in production bottlenecks and reduced business capacity, to repairing damage or even replacing machines.

The handling of CMMs requires special attention, as well as the expertise and experience we provide. Whatever your relocation needs, our engineers can provide you with an efficient service, advising you on how to prepare your factory, then setting up and calibrating the machine to ensure it is precise.

Along with the Relocations we provide a full breakdown visit if your machine was to ever malfunction. Our engineers have years of experience diagnosing and fixing damaged machines. We carry a wide range of spare parts (some now made obsolete by the manufacturers) so we can ensure you that we aspire to fix your machine.

N.J.Metrology is also one of the few companies actively repiping machines. Due to the age, sometimes some of the older models of CMM will need new air pipes to ensure the life of the machine continues. Our engineers meticulously change each and every pipe so in essence you will have a like new machine again.

Giving your old CMM a new life again by Retrofitting it by one of our engineers is always a good thing. If you want the latest technologies and softwares N.J.Metrology provides a comprehensive CMM retrofit solution that delivers increased productivity, reduced inspection times and greater efficiency of measurement applications.